Welcome to the World of Yogeasy!

Welcome to the World of Yogeasy!

I'm so excited to launch this E-Store for my invention, Yogeasy Ergonomic Hand Supports for Yoga and floor exercises! I hope you like using them as much as I do! 

Where Did the Idea for Yogeasy Come From?

I wish I could say that Yogeasy came from some thunderbolt of genius while climbing in the Rockies or from day 82 of hiking and solitude on the Appalachian Trail but no, the idea for Yogeasy ergonomic hand pads came through years of frustratingly trying to find the right hand supports for my Yoga sessions. I finally came to realize this product didn't exist. So I devoted a lot of time, effort and money into developing what became Yogeasy, the right firm, stable and yet comfortable base for my Yoga moves. 

I've practiced Yoga for more years than I want to talk about. Over time, like everyone, I started feeling discomfort in my wrists, hands and even my neck and back from the strain of increasingly powerful and strenuous Yoga. I knew I was sacrificing good form and posture sometimes because of the pain that would originate from the way I supported my hands. I also found even the most expensive Yoga mats weren't helping like I thought they should.  Combine that discomfort with the slippery nature of floor mat exercising because of sweating as we do, especially during Hot Yoga, and there you have the dilemma I faced.  I had to find a better way to do Yoga!

So I tinkered and tested and modeled all sorts of ideas into what eventually became Yogeasy Ergonomic Hand Supports! I'm so glad I did!

Benefits of Using Yogeasy!

I've had people tell me that using Yogeasy during exercise allows them to push forward trying more powerful and strenuous moves with confidence and comfort. They don't slip or slide. They don't feel uncomfortable or strained. In other words they enjoy longer and better exercise sessions.  Here is what else I've learned. Yogeasy is perfect for small space exercising where a floor mat is cumbersome. Yogeasy is portable so it packs easily into your carry-on for travel as well as your beach bag for exercising outdoors. Yogeasy cleans up easily and dries in it's own provided pouch after a day at the park or on the beach.

Friends who are not as fanatical about Yoga as I am but still do floor exercises tell me that Yogeasy is perfect support for pushups and planking. I use Yogeasy for my warm-ups and instead of hand blocks.

OK, I've said it. I love my Yogeasy! I hope you will too!

Michael -

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