Where do you Yogeasy?

Where do you Yogeasy?

Yogeasy Loves the Outdoors!

Yogeasy makes exercise and Yoga easy to do anywhere and at anytime.  Hate to take your yoga mat to the beach or the park?  Me too. You can so easily soil or stain a really nice mat and even damage it from rocks and other junk on the beach.  And you know you don't want that dirty mat put back on your carpeting, rug or hardwood before you  clean it up.  That's why I love to take Yogeasy with me everywhere! Keep a pair in the car in their own travel towel bag that comes with the Yogeasy ergonomic hand pads. Carry it on your bike. Put it in your carry on bag for trips.  Wherever you are, hotel gym or beautiful beach, Yogeasy works so well.  And for clean up, just wash your Yogeasy pads with soap and water in your bathroom or kitchen sink..  So much easier than messing with your yoga mat in the shower or tub to rinse and clean. Not to mention the hassle in getting your mat dry.  Yogeasy dries simply with a hand towel.

So, with Yogeasy being so portable and easy to have around, let me ask the question, "Where do you Yogeasy?" Follow us on Instagram or share your Yogeasy locations on Facebook.  Your Yogeasy loves to travel and get outdoors!


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