I am Michael Izzolo and I Created Yogeasy!

It is really hard to believe how exciting it has been to see Yogeasy spring from an idea to reality!



Years ago and after many, many sessions of Yoga, I began to notice the wear and tear that strenuous moves, like downward facing dog, were beginning to take on my body, in particular my wrists and hands. I thought, "If only there was an ergonomic and firm yet comfortable pad that would ease the stress and allow for greater motion, that would be great!" Also, I saw (and experienced) so many mishaps where my sweaty mat was just not giving the proper foundation for strength moves.

Even though I never set out to be an inventor, this invention, my invention, Yogeasy has become just exactly that perfect ergonomic pad for your hands that works wonderfully with or without your traditional Yoga mat. Yogeasy has gone through many prototypes and versions to arrive where we are today, the perfect pad for people performing floor exercise relieving stress on their back, hands and wrists. 

Yogeasy solves so many problems!

So far everyone who has tried Yogeasy has had wonderful things to say. For hot Yoga fans the pads offer that grip that their mat was lacking. For some aging friends it has made their arthritic issues so much less noticeable and allowed for longer and better sessions. I've even had people tell me how Yogeasy has improved their headstands, pushups, planks and even their golf swing!  Yes a golf pro friend of mine has incorporated his Yogeasys into his training.

Also, Yogeasy is portable as well as a great travel companion. Can't fit a mat into your carry on bag but you can pack Yogeasy!  Small spaces, apartments, cruise ship cabins, parks and beaches... anyplace you find yourself is now your gym.

So try Yogeasy!  I'm sure you'll love what it can do for your floor exercises on the mat, on the beach, at the park or just anywhere! Who knows, it may even improve your golf score!

Thank you for your interest in Yogeasy!