Frequently asked questions about Yogeasy.

What is Yogeasy used for?

Yogeasy is the perfect portable floor exercise pad you need for stability and comfort when used while practicing Yoga, headstands, push-ups, planks and more.

What does Yogeasy do?

Yogeasy provides several very beneficial things for you while doing floor exercises.  It's a stable platform that does not slip or slide while providing greater comfort for your hands, back and wrists.  This allows longer and better exercise / Yoga sessions that leave you feeling refreshed not strained.

How do I know it will fit me?

Yogeasy comes in two sizes, small; and large. Just check out our easy to use size chart to make sure to select the right size Yogeasy for your hands.

What is it made out of?

Yogeasy is made of a modern hard cell Polyurethane.  It is firm but comfortable with a ridged bottom allowing for greater traction even is damp conditions like the spa, gym or hot Yoga room.

What if I want to return Yogeasy?

Yogeasy can be returned.  Please see our return policy for greater details.

What do other people say about Yogeasy?

"I used to hate doing push-ups simply because my hands would hurt so much. Now thanks to the Yogeasy hands, I can actually enjoy working out without feeling the pain. It is truly amazing!! The Yogeasy hands are perfect for all of my floor based exercises, too!" - Gianna, Financial District, NY  

"I started doing Yoga for the first time about a month ago. I quickly realized that maybe it isn't right for me, considering how much my wrists were bothering me. I was then introduced to Yogeasy hands, and my yoga game has changed for the better! I can't believe how easy it is to use. The cushioning makes it so comfortable, and the product itself it's pretty impressive. I love the carry towel that comes with it, too. I would recommend this to anyone!" - Corey D'Angelo, Brooklyn, NY